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Michelle Goodall’s remarkable photography, one concludes that this can only be the product of a person with an amazing dream life. From mysterious, diaphanous orbs to feline femme fatales to snarling dragons, to delicate dolls with dresses covered in carrots to beautiful real life portraits, there is only one conclusion: “wow, how did she do that!?”.

Michelle was born in Muskegon Michigan, the eldest of 3. Her father was a golf pro and often on the road. Her m other raised the three girls and still managed to be very creative, she painted and di stain glass windows and lamps among a few of her projects. Michelle feels she gets her creative gene’s from her mother.

By 1994, with Michelle’s children grown, Michelle was able to focus on her art and began showing in galleries, at art shows and festivals. Back then it was mostly native American art. Michelle began dabbling in photography. She frequently annoyed her friends with a contest flash going off in their faces at get togethers.

In 2006 Michelle submitted a photo to al local art show and won first place. That inspired her to be on the mission she is still on today. Michelle has progressed from doing landscapes and intricate composites to taking stunning portraits of sometimes very famous individuals.

Her success has been proven by the demand for her talents around the world. Michelle lives and breathes photography and is often heard mention “ I don’t know if it’s a passion or obsession” Michelle has been published worldwide in magazines and galleries. National Geographic has picked up 4 of her images and published them.


 My experience and talent speak for itself by the many galleries and museums, both in the U.S. and abroad that showcase my work.

My images have been viewed in the pages of numerous well known U.S. and international magazines (National Geographic for one), have been displayed in the Denver International Airport, Colorado State Capital, been on numerous phone book covers and have been seen on several network television shows.

The most important images i create, hang on the walls of those who have offered me the privilege of doing a portrait of a loved one or have honored me by purchasing my art

My work has won countless contests and has been awarded numerous prestigious awards. The latest award was the honor of having third place in RangeFinder Magazines for the best photo of 2011! I also placed in the top 12 for Adorama's Years Best Photo of 2011. You can also find me on National Geographic web site for the month of July under Daily Dozen.

I offer a variety of services, tailored to meet your needs. If you are looking for a portrait that you and your family will cherish for years, you've come to the right place!

When only the BEST will do A little about me: I enjoy riding my Harley to many great and wonderful destinations here in the United States. Hence, where many of my images have come from!

As many years as I have been doing photography, I have yet to decide if it's a passion or an obsession. I hope I never do!

A few organizations I am or have been involved in:: Trinidad Area Arts Council, , Raton Arts and Humanities Council , Trinidad Area Fire Department Toy Drive, National Association of Photoshop Professionals and Wedding & Portrait Professionals International.

I continue to perfect my craft by attending seminars and Expos, work shops etc.. I also take the time to guide new photographers by offering mentor ships, offering guidance at Digital Photography School and offering workshops.

Feathers in my Hat:

2016 - Real Dealz Magazine

Forbes magazine- Trinidadddio Blues Fest- photo credits

June 2016 – 3rd place Talas show. Clay girl


May 2016 – Best in Show – Solano photography show – Notre Dame

May 2016 – 1st place – Solano Photography show- walkin in the woods

May 2015 – 3rd place on TALAS show- On my mind

January 2015 – 3rd place TAAC photography show – Snow Dunes

SPACe Photography Show

July 2014 – 3rd place. Sunrise @Canyonlands TALAS

April 2014 – Best in Show Walkin in the woods / 2nd place -

May 2014 – Chosen by Creative Districts of Colorado to represent region at ArtStir in Denver April 2014 – Solano Photography Show – Best in Show. Sunrise @ Canyonlands

March 2014 – Pages of Colorado Week . Danielson’s and Oliver

January 2014 – Won the Rust competition for Reed Publishing

November 2013 – article In Chronicle News By Bruce Leonard

October 2013 – Article in Chronicle News by Cythnia Ploski

March 2013- Cover of Thunder Roads Magazine. One yellow and one red chopper

February 2013- 2nd place Intensity Show at 1st St. Gallery “Vacation”

February 2013 – 2nd place Solano Photography show “Maroon Bells”

Nov 2012- Cover and featured story Vivacini Magazine

Dec 2012 – Ovation TV made a book of best photos of 2012. Walking in the woods

2012 – President Trinidad Area Arts Council

2012- Solano Photography Show – 3rd place 2012 –

Judged Solano Photography Show- Amateur section

June 2012 – National Geographic Daily Dozen June 2012 – Nat Geo magazine – fish with hook in its mouth

March 2012- Seminars at WPPI (Wedding Professional Photographers International) in Las Vegas

2012 – Adorama- top 12 for Best photo of 2011 2012- 3rd place in Rangefinder Magazine (International) best photo of 2012

Nov 2011- Ted Turner and Family / Staff at Vermejo Park home

2011- Featured Artist on Ovation Tv show – Americas Photographers

2011 – Cover for Night of the Wolfeans

2011 Solano Show 2nd place

2010- Covers of The Local Pages – Walsenberg, Trinidad and Raton

2010- Cover of Directory Plus phone book

2010 – Cover of Thunder Roads magazine 2009 Talas- Best in Category

2009- Solano Photography Show – 3rd place 2009 Solano Photography Show – People’s Choice

2009 Solano Photography Show – 1st place

2009 Spanish peaks Members Show – People’s Choice

2009 Zonta Artful Womens show – 2nd place 2009 Cover of The Local Pages – Trinidad, Raton, Walsenberg

2009 – art hangs Kingman Arizona Museum

2009- Rio Grande hung in DIA (presidents Club) and Governor’s office – Chosen by Arts District

2009- International Art Show-

2008 Talas – 1st place

2009- 2008 Spanish Peaks Arts Council Colorado show – 3rd place- Colorado Hummingbird 2008 Spanish Peaks Photography Show – first place

2008- Colorado Biz Magazine- Cover 2008 Zonta Artful Womens Show – 2nd place

2007 Talas – Best of Show 2006-current- Old Pass Gallery –

hung my art 2006 – 2009 – Corazon Gallery – hung art

2007 – 2013 – Board Member Raton Arts and Humanities

2005-2010- Board member Trinidad Firemans Toy Drive

2005 – 2012- Member Spanish Peaks Arts Council

2005 – 2012 – Secretary Trinidad Area Arts Council

2005-2009 – Board of Directors Trinidad Arts League

2001-2003 – Levey Enterprises (Motivational Speaker)

1995-2005- Head of Marketing for Fairfield (5th largest developer in the country)& head sales trainer

1995-2005 – Broadway Gallery (Englewood Co) Gallery Main SPACe Gallery LA center for Digital Art Bob Taylor Gallery – U.K. Center for Art-Taos Art Gallery in Muskegon Michigan Art Gallery – Milledgville Georgia Rangefinder Magazine – Thunder Roads Magazine – Corel Paint Shop Pro – National Geographic – Colorado Biz

Ive photographed numerous celebrities but am unable to publish most of their names or show their pieces due to confidentiality agreements

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